The Treasure Trove Review public consultation is now closed. Thank you to all who shared your views.

King’s and Lord Treasurer’s Remembrancer

In Scots law, the Crown can choose to claim ownerless property. Where we claim and deal with property, its realised value is paid by the KLTR into the Scottish Consolidated Fund.

  • About KLTR

    The King's and Lord Treasurer’s Remembrancer (“KLTR”) is the Crown’s representative in Scotland who deals with ownerless property.

  • Bona vacantia and our Ownerless Property Transfer Scheme (OPTS) Ownerless property

    In Scots law, the Crown can claim ownerless property. The legal term for this is "bona vacantia". KLTR new Ownerless Property Transfer Scheme (OPTS) consultation launched.

  • Treasure Trove Review

    Landmark review launched to evaluate the system of Scottish Treasure Trove.

  • Ultimus haeres Estates

    Where a person domiciled in Scotland dies without leaving a Will and has no known or traceable successors, then their assets (such as land, buildings, shares and cash) fall to the Crown in Scotland.

Treasure Trove

Finds of Treasure Trove in Scotland are dealt with by the Treasure Trove Unit for the KLTR.

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Company Administrative Restoration

See our guide. Please note that Companies House and not this office deals with the applications.

Company - Administrative Restoration