What we do

The King's and Lord Treasurer’s Remembrancer (“KLTR”) is the Crown’s representative in Scotland. We deal with ownerless property, known as “bona vacantia”.

The King's and Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer (KLTR) is the Crown’s representative in Scotland with authority to deal with property falling to the Crown by operation of law. This includes the land, assets and other rights of dissolved companies, the estates of individuals who die leaving no heirs, and treasure found in Scotland.

The KLTR's policies set out the Office's approach to dealing with particular types of property and assets.  

The current KLTR is John Logue, the Crown Agent. The KLTR is supported by the KLTR department.

Contact us

Please email us at: enquiries@kltr.gov.uk

Unless we have asked you to send us original documents by post, please otherwise send us scanned copies only, in PDF format, attached to your email. Applications to KLTR for payments following a company's restoration can be submitted to us by email. Completed forms and supporting documentation, including copies of identification documents, should be scanned into a single PDF and sent to enquiries@kltr.gov.uk