Town Hall, Greenlaw, Duns

Dumfries and Galloway

Greenlaw Town Hall is a Category A listed building located in the centre of Greenlaw, Duns.

It was designed by the architect John Cunningham in the Greek Revival style and was constructed in 1831. Over the years the building has performed a multitude of functions including court house, war memorial, sale space and leisure facility.

Restoration works were carried out on the property between 1975 - 1985 permitting the property to be put to functional use however, in 1998 the building became vacant and once again began to deteriorate ultimately being placed on the Buildings at Risk Register. An extensive restoration project, funded by Historic Scotland, was undertaken with the property re-opening in May 2011.

In 2017 the property was sold to a company who planned on utilising it as a museum along with space for local craft displays, gift shop and café.

In September 2022 the property was reported to the KLTR as being potentially ownerless and, therefore, 'Bona Vacantia'.

Extensive investigation was carried out with the previous owning company found to have been dissolved in April 2022. Given the relatively recent dissolution date the previous company was still within the 6-year restoration window.

Subsequently, the previous owners have applied for company restoration and, as such, the property will return to their possession.