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  3. Bona vacantia and our Ownerless Property Transfer Scheme (OPTS)

    In Scots law, the Crown can claim ownerless property. The legal term for this is "bona vacantia". KLTR ownerless property transfer scheme consultation launched

  4. What is bona vacantia (ownerless property)?

    Ownerless property (bona vacantia) covers dissolved company property, moneys remitted to the Crown, and personal estates of heirless individuals.

  5. Client cash balances

    How to remit client cash balances to the KLTR

  6. Company - Administrative Restoration

    A guide to administrative restoration

  7. Consultation responses and analysis

    KLTR Ownerless Property Transfer Scheme (OPTS) consultation paper and responses

  8. Ultimus haeres


  9. What is an estate (ultimus haeres)?

    Where a person domiciled in Scotland dies without leaving a Will and has no known or traceable successors, then their assets (such as land, buildings and shares

  10. National Ultimus Haeres Unit

    The National Ultimus Haeres Unit has been set up to investigate estates in Scotland which fall to the Crown as ultimus haeres.